» Who are we?

The City Project is a gaming community focused on Minecraft and ClassiCube servers that are based on building cities or nations with jobs, politics, and many more opportunities. Players decide where they want to live in, who they want to work for, which party they want to vote for, and how they live and survive. There is no limit to possibilities, the only limit is you. Join us today, create your own future.

» How we started

The City Project started off as real-life roleplay server on Classicube by Kingmb. Eventually, the server was renamed to The City Project with Pear and Kingmb at the helm. Major development occurred on the Classicube server driven by Pear's and Kingmb's effort. The Minecraft server was developed at first by Pear and Dire, but eventually separated from the former DireClan to join its sister server on Classicube right here, where it's officially recognized as The City Project.